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Acrylic Bird Cage Tray

What We Do:

With your measurements, we can thenreplace any of your worn out bird cage trays with PVC in black or white. We don't use acrylic because it breaks; we don't use metal because you're replacing it. We suggest PVC because of its light weight, and durability.

What You Do:

Click the link, Samples and decide which tray style you have. Measure the width, depth, and height of your used tray. Include the lip if necessary. Choose color. You can call us with payment info and to confirm tray details.To confirm tray details over the phone, we must have a copy of the order form that you filled out.

Order Process:

When we receive your order, the replacement tray will ship within two weeks or less. We give FedEx your email address. When the shipper scans the box, you will receive an email telling you the tracking number and when it should arrive.




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